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Meditore Healthcare is one of the prominent fertility chains that endeavour to provide top-notch and best treatment services. Our doctors at Meditore take pride in understanding and meeting the needs of women during each stage of their pregnanccy and provide comprehensive, compassionate care. We are one of the most reliable and reputed infertility clinics in India. We have a team of experts who are dedicated to provide the best IVF treatment with high success rates. We have taken great care of patients and their needs so far. Our expert doctors have also made sure that they only use the best treatments that are backed by clinical evidence.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is IVF ?

IVF (in vitro fertilisation) is a process that allows us to use an egg and sperm together to fertilize outside the womb. Then the egg is placed in the uterus to grow and develop into a baby. It can be used for people who have fertility issues, for people who want to delay pregnancy, or for single women or same-sex couples.

Who Needs IVF ?

IVF is a process that helps people with infertility to have children. It is also the most effective way of overcoming fertility problem. It can help people who are infertile due to damaged sperm, ovulation problems, endometriosis or other causes.

What Is The Cost Of IVF In Mumbai?

The cost of an IVF treatment will depend on a few factors like whether it is done by a private clinic or performed in hospital, whether you are using donated eggs or your own, what medications you will need, and your age. It can differ based on the analysis of the hormones, the number of embryos created, the quality of embryos, and other factors.

What Is The Success Rate Of IVF ?

The success rate of IVF depends on many factors – your age, the quality of the eggs and sperm, the duration of infertility, your partner’s characteristics, whether you are undergoing natural or artificial insemination. IVF treatment success rates depend on the patient’s age, with women over 45 needing to get fertility treatment by means of assisted reproductive technologies according to ICMR Bill 2017 guidelines. 

How Much Time IVF Process Require ?

A typical IVF treatment begins with hormonal stimulation of ovulation, which usually takes place on day 2-3 of a natural menstrual cycle or following artificial insemination (IUI). The average time for the cycle is 4 months and there are a number of steps to consider.

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