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Terms and conditions:


Reward’ refers to the reward offered to the Affiliate under the Program, as more specifically detailed in annexure 1 of these terms and conditions.

Winner’ means such Affiliate who is participating in this Program and who has been declared as a winner by Wensbridge International Services Private Limited or its brand (‘Meditore Healthcare | WBIS Pvt. Ltd.’) under this referral ‘Program’

Referral Program (‘Program’) means a voluntarily participating in affiliate referral system designed to contribute products/services or any third-party offers related customer/patient or consumer leads to WBISPL to earn referral benefit in form of Reward.


To participate in this program and to be eligible to receive a Reward, the affiliate / participant should have to register themselves first, at any of the channel available i.e. Website, Mobile App, Registration form or any collaborated third party hosted environment, therefore, after successfully fill the referral form with patient information as per required Performa by any means physical or digital including provided unique affiliate id to them, once upon patient successfully signed up and attend physical consultation or completes treatment at associated medical practitioner, doctor, hospitals or any healthcare facility, Affiliate will be eligible for reward as per annexure 1

This program is available only in selected cities of India and other part of world. This program is not applicable in places wherever prohibited and / or on gifts / services for which such offers cannot be made available for any reason whatsoever.  For the avoidance of doubts, it is hereby clarified that this Program is not applicable to ‘WBISPL’ employees and their relatives.

The Program and Reward available at the sole discretion of ‘WBISPL’, and subject to changes as deemed fit by ‘WBISPL’ without any prior notice to the Affiliate / Participant.

Participation in this Program is voluntary and affiliate is not bound to participate in this Program.  There is no compensation for non-participation in the Program under any circumstances whatsoever.

This program is available to the participants, who are voluntarily willing to be affiliate of WBISPL, and participants agreed and declares here that they are statuary eligible and free from any litigation to participate in this program, Therefore, WBISPL shall not be responsible for any infringement towards any organization, individual or government organization code of conduct, human resource policy or conflict of interest. No any claim shall be entertained by WBISPL. Participant voluntarily enrolling in this affiliate program is sole discretion of participant / affiliate only. WBISPL shall not responsible for any litigation arise thereafter.

In this program WBISPL does not offered any employment, contract or whatsoever to the participants, any claim for salary, wages or any means of compensation shall not be entertained.

In this program WBISPL may offer honorarium on its sole discretion for certain target based professional services as per annexure 1.

Images of the product / services or Reward shown on email, ‘WBISPL’ website or any other website, or any other advertisement material whatsoever, are for representational purpose only. Notwithstanding anything contained in the Program or these terms and conditions, any images, representations etc. and all intellectual property rights pertaining thereto which belong to any third party, shall continue to vest with such party by using such images, representations etc., ‘WBISPL’ in no way claims any right whatsoever relation to such intellectual property.

The decision of ‘WBISPL’ selection committee in selecting the Winner will be contacted by ‘WBISPL’ after the expiry of the Offer Period either through email, telephonic call or SMS or Affiliate registered email address/contact number and will be communicated the details for the collection of the Reward. In the event such a Winner cannot be contacted despite repeated efforts for 3 (three) continuous days, ‘WBISPL’ reserves the right to cancel the Winner’s nomination for the Reward and may nominate other participating affiliate as Winner.

Where the Winner /Affiliate has provided any incorrect information at the time of registration for the Program and/or at the time of collecting his/her reward, the his/

Her selection is subject to cancellation without notice, at the sole discretion of ‘WBISPL’.

This Program cannot be combined with any other offer/discount/promotion of ‘WBISPL;

All applicable taxes, fees and levies (excluding ‘gift’) tax or tax deducted at source, Where applicable) will need to be solely paid by ‘WBISPL’

Nothing herein amounts as a commitment by WBISPL to provide further or similar schemes or offers.

WBISPL is not a manufacturer/supplier/provider of the Products purchased by affiliate, referrals / patient or consumer of the product or services offered in this program and will not accept any liability in relation thereto.

Accordingly, WBISPL shall not be responsible for the quality, merchantability or the fitness for any purpose or any other aspect of the Products/Reward provided by any third party.

Notwithstanding anything herein, WBISPL shall not at any time be responsible or held liable for any loss, injury, damage or harm suffered by participating affiliate or their provided referral / patient or in connection with the product/service or reward.

Disputes, if any, regarding the Products/services under the program Program must be addressed in writing, by the participating affiliate, referrals or patient directly to the WBISPL. Shall not entertain any other, mode of communication in this regard.

WBISPL decision on all matters relating to the Program will be at binding on all participants. WBISPL reserves the right to revise these terms, modify or withdraw this Program at any time without prior notice or reason.  These terms and conditions prevail over the contents of any brochures or other promotional material advertising the Program.

These terms and condition shall be governed by the laws of India. All disputes if any arising out of or in connection with or as a result of this program, or otherwise relating here to shall be subjected to the exclusive jurisdiction of the competent courts in Mumbai only. The existence of a dispute, if any shall not constitute a claim again WBISPL.

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