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Laproscopic surgery is a minimally invasive surgical procedure in which a surgeon operates through a few small incisions, with the use of a laparoscope.

The goal is to do surgery on the abdomen with minimal discomfort and scarring.

This type of surgery is often done when the problems in the abdomen are contained within one area or when there are multiple problems in different parts of the abdomen.

The patient wakes up from anesthesia from this procedure feeling more comfortable and less bruised than from traditional open surgeries.

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Why Meditore ?

Meditore is COVID-19 safe

Your safety is taken care of by thermal screening, social distancing, sanitized clinics and hospital rooms, sterilized surgical equipment and mandatory PPE kits during surgery.

Medical Expertise With Technology

Our surgeons spend a lot of time with you to diagnose your condition. You are assisted in all pre-surgery medical diagnostics. We offer advanced laser and laparoscopic surgical treatment. Our procedures are USFDA approved.

Assisted Surgery Experience

A dedicated Medical Coordinator assists you throughout the surgery journey from insurance paperwork, to free commute from home to hospital & back and admission-discharge process at the hospital.

Post Surgery Care

We offer free follow-up consultations and instructions including dietary tips as well as exercises to every patient to ensure they have a smooth recovery to their daily routines.

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